thank you to my sponsors

The undertaking of a logistically heavy challenge such as this requires much in terms of resources. 

It draws heavily on the resources of my mind, and my body. It also draws heavily on the resources of my bank account. 

Each of these sacrifices I make readily. I am fortunate, however, to have been approached by many patriotic and generous businesses that have offered in financial support what they cannot offer in terms of mental and physical energy. 

Their generosity helps me to continue my mission for veterans with my Month of Marathons challenge, and any challenges in the future. The fact that I have had so many businesses reach out and offer support is evidence that Americans love veterans, and want to help them. 

These businesses saw the importance of my mission, and its potential to reach veterans in need of support.  By supporting this effort, they are in turn supporting all veterans, and proving that veterans do not struggle alone.