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Double-amputee marine completes run in Boston as part of 31-day marathon mission

"I intend to show veterans through the amount of support that I personally receive throughout this challenge that America loves her veterans, and the American people love their veterans, and want to help and support them," Jones wrote. "I mean to show my fellow veterans that they are not alone, and only need ask in order to receive all of the support that they need."

Boston Globe

Wounded Marine runs 31 marathons in 31 days for charity

"Mild soreness, discomfort, and dull aches were ever-present Sunday morning. But so was Rob Jones’s steady pace and outlook on life: Survive. Recover. Live. “Here he comes,” one woman said. “He’s leading the pack.”

"No matter the situation, [Jones] always has a smile on his face,” said Eric Deavilla, who served with Jones and is a Malden firefighter. “On day four of running a marathon, and he’s smiling.”

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Marine Who Lost Legs In Afghanistan Running 31 Marathons

“My objective for my life was still the same after that, I wanted to leave the world a better place. The 32-year-old decided a year and a half ago, that he would take on 31 marathons in 31 days, in 31 cities to “to help show America loves veterans and they are here to support them. Over the month, Jones hopes to raise one million dollars for wounded veterans organizations."

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Double Amputee Veteran Running 31 Marathons in 31 Days

"Jones hopes his actions will bring awareness to the challenges veterans face. "People come back and struggle with what they experience, and there's nothing wrong with that," Jones said. "I just want to make sure both sides of the coin are being seen," Jones said. "There are the people that are struggling and we will help them; but there's also this group over here that are doing fine, and both groups can contribute to society."