CBS Baltimore

Wounded Veteran Runs 31 Marathons In 31 Days

“I think what I’m doing here applies to everybody, but obviously I’m a part of the wounded veteran community,” Jones said. “That’s my main focus but the lesson applies universally.

They’ve all been great but it’s going to be hard to beat Baltimore.” 

Jones’ lesson: to persevere in difficult times resonated with the city police department, which honored him with a plaque. Dozens of volunteers in the department accompanied Jones during his run after Lt. Christo O’Ree heard Jones on a podcast about leadership. 

“I felt like he’s just a ‘never quit’ guy,” O’Ree said. “And if he can get up off the couch and get stuff done, then he’s setting the example for the rest of us and there’s no excuse for the rest of us not to get out there and get after it.”