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"On Saturday afternoon, with his back aching and legs sore, the 32-year-old Jones finished his month of marathons near the steps leading up to Lincoln Memorial on a frigid Veterans Day. The crowd of several dozen supporters showered him with cheers as he crossed the tape. Jones then kissed his wife, Pam, smiled and took a few moments to let the accomplishment soak in."

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Double amputee veteran finishes 31 marathons in 31 days

"Over the course of 31 days, he ran more than 800 miles and battled through Texas heat, through rain and through Saturday’s below freezing temperatures in Washington, D.C. Despite all that, Rob Jones knew he would finish this journey. “Never doubted it because I had support and the mission of helping my brothers and my sister veterans with their struggles,” Jones explained after finishing his final run. “They struggle with a lot worse than what I’ve done this last month so just knowing that I was fighting for them and I had my support behind me, there was never a doubt in my mind.” 

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Rob Jones’ Journey: Double amputee runs 31 marathons for veterans

“Here we are on Veterans Day between monuments toward two of our greatest presidents who served during wartime with veterans,” acknowledging the Lincoln Memorial behind him and the Washington Monument in front. “I can’t think of a better way to end this mission than today.” And a minute or two later, he got a move on, one more time...

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Veteran Rob Jones completes remarkable month of marathons to raise money, awareness

“I want people to know that a wounded veteran is not a broken veteran,” he said. “A wounded veteran is just somebody that needs to find their new path, and how they’re going to keep fighting and keep contributing to their country. Each veteran is their own person. You just have to get to know them, and listen to their story.”

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Marine veteran who lost his legs in Afghanistan completes his final marathon of 31-day stretch

"Just after 1:30 pm on Saturday November 11th, Veterans Day, Jones crossed the finish line, completing his odyssey in the name of other veterans."

“I feel thankful for all this group of people around here supporting me. I feel thankful to live in a country that appreciates veterans so much. I feel thankful for living in a country where there are so many people that are willing to sacrifice everything for it, and I’m thankful for living in a country that is worth that sacrifice that people make.”

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Wounded Marine stops in Baltimore trying to run 31 marathons in 31 days

"Instead of seeing it as a tragedy or a hardship in your past blocking you, it'll be better of your if you somehow flip that around and see it as a challenging for you to overcome and in doing so become stronger than you were before."  His run today started at 7:00 a.m. at Camden Yards. Jones has support from local police and many businesses who will be running with him and cheering him on."

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Double amputee aims to run 31 marathons in 31 cities in 31 days

"Survive, recover, live -- that's the motto of retired Marine Corps Sgt. Rob Jones. Jones is inspiring others with a 31-day marathon challenge that had him running around Baltimore during Friday morning's Veterans Day Parade. His mission is to run 31 marathons in 31 cities for 31 straight days. "Yeah, I feel pretty good. That was so cool," Jones said. He logged 812 miles in only one month. "He's been working towards this and training every single day for 18 months towards this goal," his wife Pam Jones said. Rob Jones, who is from Virginia, pounded the pavement with prosthetic legs."

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Wounded Veteran Runs 31 Marathons In 31 Days

“I think what I’m doing here applies to everybody, but obviously I’m a part of the wounded veteran community,” Jones said. “That’s my main focus but the lesson applies universally.

They’ve all been great but it’s going to be hard to beat Baltimore.” 

Jones’ lesson: to persevere in difficult times resonated with the city police department, which honored him with a plaque. Dozens of volunteers in the department accompanied Jones during his run after Lt. Christo O’Ree heard Jones on a podcast about leadership. 

“I felt like he’s just a ‘never quit’ guy,” O’Ree said. “And if he can get up off the couch and get stuff done, then he’s setting the example for the rest of us and there’s no excuse for the rest of us not to get out there and get after it.”

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Veteran running for wounded warriors nears finish line after month of marathons

"Jones’ 31 marathons in 31 days has consisted of 26.2 mile runs in each city in the mornings before moving on to the next day’s challenge. On the observed federal holiday of Veteran’s Day on Friday, Jones 30th run is taking place at Camden Yards in Baltimore which is especially poignant. He’s a huge Oriole’s fan. Friday also marks the 242nd birthday of the Marine Corps. Jones’ 31st and final run on the National Mall Saturday will consist of multiple loops beginning at the Lincoln Memorial passing each of the war memorials. Jones plans to run four loops of roughly 1 and 1/2 hour blocks of time separated by 20 minute intervals of rest."