Train With Me

One of my goals for the Month of Marathons is to inspire others to experience life outside of their comfort zone.  Thus, I am encouraging everyone who is interested to join me for a full marathon, or just a small portion of one.  I realize that this can be a daunting premise for those that have little experience, so I would like to provide some information here in order for the beginning runner to have a starting point.

Three books that I believe will be of great assistance to you are Primal Blueprint, Primal Endurance, and The Science of Running.  If you follow the information given in these books, I have no doubt that you will be able to run a distance that will challenge you.

In addition to reading these books that are specific to running and endurance training, I highly recommend everyone visit Gym Jones for a window into the philosophies that allowed me to not only recover from my injuries, but also be able to envision myself completing challenges such as the Month of Marathons.

Below you will see a calendar of what I will be doing in order to train myself for this challenge.  I invite you to follow along, and replace my workouts with something that fits your fitness level.

Rob's Training Calendar