Thank you for donating

Thank you for taking the first step toward devoting yourself to a worthy cause.  I am grateful that you have decided to help me prove to my fellow veterans that they are appreciated by donating to one of the three wounded veteran charities that I am supporting.  The reason I have selected these three charities is that I have personally interacted and received help from all of them.  I am familiar with the teams that run these charities and endorse them.  

You have two choices in how you would like to donate.  Your first choice is to buy the official Rob Jones Journey: Month of Marathons tee shirt.  These shirts are made by my friends LALO Tactical, and cost $35 + Shipping, $10 of which will be donated to the charities I am supporting.  Your second choice is to donate directly to one of the benefiting charities.  By clicking on the Donate Directly button below, you can learn more about each charity.  Please read about the different niches that each fills, and choose your favorite!