"Survive. Recover. Live" is a documentary covering my first year of recovery following my injury.  It was written, directed, and narrated by my friend, Ivan Kander at www.lucky9studios.com.

"Climb" is a follow up to "Survive. Recover. Live" telling the story of my 5,180 mile cross country bike ride across America raising money for wounded veterans charities.  Also written, and directed by my friend Ivan Kander at www.lucky9studios.com.  Narrated by Gary Sinise.

This video is a profile for the Ambassadors of Rhone, in which I was privileged to be included.  Produced by Rhone, created by Hit Makers Media.

"Comedy Warriors" is the story of five wounded servicemembers being mentored by comedy greats to perform stand up comedy.  Directed by John Wager.  For more information visit www.comedywarriors.com.